List of products by brand CHAMAIN

"Chamain Anise is one of the beneficial herbs with a refreshing and wonderful aroma. It is used in preparing cakes, cookies, or in making a delicious anise drink, described as a nerve relaxant that helps eliminate insomnia and sleep difficulties.
Chamain Safflower 108 grams, a Safflower with a distinctive color and sharp flavor. Chamain Safflower is added to pastries and cakes, giving them a sharp taste and a beautiful color. It can also be added to various dishes and is considered a natural food coloring. Additionally, it is used for cosmetic purposes, in addition to being an important dietary element for body functions.
Chamain Plain Hibiscus, with its beautiful red flowers, originates from regions in South Africa and is widely used in Egypt, Iran, and Thailand. The dried leaves of hibiscus are brewed to create a hot tea with a tangy flavor, or it can be chilled and sweetened to make hibiscus juice. Hibiscus is a soothing and refreshing beverage that aids digestion, softens the stomach, and due to its richness in vitamins, it makes you feel more lively and active.