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Aleppo thyme with sumac from Mayyyas is considered one of the authentic and highly popular varieties in the Levant region. Aleppo thyme, in particular, is made using special methods to impart a distinct flavor that sets it apart from other types of thyme. It has a fragrant aroma and a slightly tangy taste, especially since it is mixed with sumac, which adds its own unique acidic flavor.
Bulgur from Mayyyas is characterized by its delicious taste and pleasant flavor. It can be used to prepare main dishes alongside popular delicacies such as tabbouleh, bean salad, and more. Bulgur serves as a substitute for rice and is known for its easy preparation. It is a beloved staple in Arab cuisine. Mayyyas produces bulgur from cooking the finest types of wheat, followed by drying and grinding. As a result, it is rich in essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin B, and other important elements for bodily functions. Moreover, it is considered the ideal choice due to its meticulous production methods and secure storage.
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Mayyyas' ready-to-fry spicy-flavored chips are a distinct food product that offers you a delightful and crispy experience at any time. This product stands out with carefully processed potato slices, seasoned with premium spicy flavor to provide you with an exceptional taste. These chips come pre-prepared for frying, making the preparation easy and convenient. All you need to do is heat an appropriate amount of oil in a pan, add the ready-to-fry chips, and gently stir until they become golden and crispy.
Mayyyas' ground red pepper is characterized by its vibrant red color and delicious spicy taste. Ground red pepper is an essential spice that adds a flavorful kick to dishes. It is added as a key ingredient in various dishes, especially stuffed vegetables, kibbeh nayyeh, yalanji, and many more. It is particularly suitable for individuals who enjoy a spicy and fiery flavor. Ground red pepper is also used in Hakayaat's preparation of delicious pepper pastries, as it adds a fragrant aroma and appetizing taste.
Mayyyas' Falafel spices are used in preparing delicious falafel patties without any additional additives. They can be enjoyed for breakfast alongside vegetables and hummus with tahini or used to create a tasty falafel sandwich. Falafel is a traditional Arab dish, particularly popular in the Levantine cuisine. The falafel spices are stored in a nylon bag within a sturdy cardboard box to ensure storage quality. They are free from preservatives and artificial coloring.
Mayyyas' Fava Beans are considered a famous and authentic Arabic dish that has been renowned since ancient times. It is a beloved addition to the table on many occasions due to its numerous benefits and delicious taste. Fava beans can be served as a main dish for breakfast or as appetizers at any time. Let's not forget its health benefits, which impact the heart, brain, arteries, and overall body, as it is rich in proteins.
Freekeh from Mayyyas is distinguished by its wonderful green color and delicious taste. It is considered an important source of nutrition and a main dish in most feasts and gatherings. It can be prepared with meat or chicken, or added to rice to create a flavorful traditional dish called "Mansaf". Coarse freekeh is made from green wheat grains that are roasted, cracked, and ground. As a result, it is a rich source of benefits and vitamins, especially vitamin B.
Deres broad green lentils, which belong to the famous legume family known for its delicious dishes and numerous health benefits. They consist of small, flat, and round grains with a vibrant green color. Green lentils can be prepared as a soup with vegetables and lemon or cooked with rice and spices as a main meal. Green lentils have high nutritional value as they are rich in protein and fiber, and they promote heart health and provide protection against cancer.
Green royal thyme from Mayyyas is distinguished by its delicious taste, attractive green color, and fresh texture. Green thyme is added to children's sandwiches and breakfast tables. It can also be used to prepare tasty manakish (Levantine flatbread topped with thyme). Green thyme is a rich source of vitamins and minerals as it contains a blend of earthy elements such as ground thyme, sumac, lemon juice, and salt, in addition to the presence of sesame, which is rich in vitamins. Green thyme is produced in our country using safe methods and ensuring high quality.
Lemon Juice from Mayyas is known for its strong acidic taste. It is added to salads as a substitute for fresh lemons. Lemon juice also serves as a preservative. It is commonly used in making preserves and syrups. Additionally, it can be added to some juices to give them a pleasant acidic flavor. Lemon juice is packaged in a tightly sealed plastic container to ensure proper storage and maintain its high quality.
Mayyyas' Pickled Cucumbers are one of the most popular types of pickles and highly sought after due to their delicious taste and smart aroma. They are added to the dining table, enhancing it with their vibrant green color and appetizing appeal. Additionally, pickled cucumbers have numerous benefits as they help maintain liver health and contribute to balancing the bacteria in the body.
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Mayyas' Pomegranate Molasses is distinguished by its thick, sticky texture, dark red color, and sweet-tangy flavor. Pomegranate molasses is commonly used in the kitchen, where it is added to dishes such as kibbeh sfiha, various salads, and fattoush. It is also used as a marinade for meat and poultry, as well as in many other dishes and recipes. Pomegranate molasses is extracted from delicious pomegranate seeds that are rich in nutrients, proteins, and important acids for the body. It is carefully stored in a tightly sealed plastic container to protect it from moisture and ensure high quality.
Mayyyas Red Lentils are one of people's favorite dishes, especially among women, due to their ease of preparation and delicious distinctive shape. Red lentils are small, flat, circular grains, which allows them to be cooked quickly and easily. They can be used to make lentil patties with vegetables and spices, or prepared as a tasty and delicious soup that can be served as an appetizer. In addition to its culinary uses, we should not forget the numerous benefits of red lentils. They promote heart health, support digestive health, and play a vital role in muscle building, making them a friend of athletes. They are packaged in a sealed nylon bag to ensure proper storage and high quality.
Thyme with pomegranate molasses from Mayyyas is considered one of the main dishes served during breakfast, due to its fragrant aroma and delicious taste. Our company has combined thyme with pomegranate molasses to enhance the flavor and increase the benefits. They both contribute to heart health, digestive system protection, and are rich in vitamins and important minerals for the body.
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Mayyyas' grilled eggplant is known for its delightful and aromatic scent. It is considered an essential ingredient for preparing dishes like Mutabbal and Baba Ghanoush, which are popular appetizers enjoyed by many people. Due to the difficulty of availability of eggplants at all times, we can obtain the best types of grilled eggplant from Al Beit Al Shami company, available at Bazar Market.
Mayyyas' Makdous is considered one of the most delicious foods and a delightful addition to the table. It is made from eggplants, walnuts, red peppers, garlic, and immersed in olive oil. These ingredients come together to create an irresistible flavor. Additionally, Makdous provides numerous benefits to the body that are too many to count. It has been preserved using the best methods to ensure its taste and safety are maintained.
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Concentrated Tamarind syrup from Mayyas is characterized by its deliciously sweet and tangy taste, and its unique smooth texture. Tamarind is considered one of the famous Ramadan beverages, known for its high nutritional value and smooth, enjoyable flavor. Tamarind drink can be consumed throughout the year, especially in the summer season, as it is a refreshing and sweet beverage.
Mayyyas' tomato paste is characterized by its delicious taste and smart aroma. Tomato paste is used in the preparation of many dishes such as beans, stuffed vegetables, okra, and various other appetizing dishes. It adds a distinct and savory flavor, in addition to being highly beneficial as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is beneficial for heart health and aids in digestion. The tomato paste is manufactured with high quality and storage standards to ensure you have a healthy and delicious food option.