List of products by brand Shami House

Shami House Green Olives / Medium / The green olives from Shami House are characterized by their olive-green color, smooth texture, and delightful, savory taste. They are an essential addition to delicious breakfast meals, alongside black olives. Green olives can be added to various salads, pies, and pizzas, and they can also be enjoyed with healthy olive oil. Green olives offer numerous benefits as they are rich in calcium and magnesium. It is worth mentioning that the origin of the olive tree dates back to the Mediterranean Basin, and it is one of the long-lived trees that can reach up to 5000 years. Bazar Market provides the best varieties of green olives.
Shami House Small Cucumber Pickle is one of the most famous and sought-after types of pickles, known for its delicious taste and smart aroma. It adds a vibrant green color and opens up the appetite, making it a perfect addition to the dining table. Moreover, it is distinguished by its numerous benefits as it helps maintain liver health and promotes bacterial balance in the body.